Angularjs unit/e2e test using protractor, karma and mocks

Posted: August 8, 2014 in web

Promo Angular Prototype


node: v0.10.30
npm: 1.4.21
yo: 1.2.1
bower: 1.3.8
grunt: grunt-cli v0.1.13, grunt v0.4.5
angular gen: 0.9.2
karma gen: 0.8.3
protractor gen: 0.2.0

To start I followed this tutorial to scaffold a web using yeoman.

AngularJS E2e Testing Using NgMockE2E

processHtml – needed for above

Running the app
grunt serve

Running the unit test
grunt test

Running mock app for e2e test
grunt e2e

Running e2e test (webdriver)
node_modules/.bin/webdriver-manager start

Running e2e test (protractor)
node_modules/.bin/protractor protractor.conf.js

Deploying/Packaging the app
Look for the folder ‘dist’

Configure files.
main module -> app/scripts/app.js
mock data -> app/e2e/mock/promo-mocks.js
mocked main module -> app/e2e/e2e-mocks.js
processHtml file -> app/e2e/e2e.html
grunt config -> Gruntfile.js
protractor config -> protractor.conf.js
karma config -> test/karma.conf.js


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