System restore amazon aws ec2 using snapshots and volumes

Posted: June 5, 2014 in web

Setting restore point or snapshot:

1. go to Volumes on left pane.

2. find the volume the your instance is using. you can identity it using the Attachment Info which has the tag name.
3. take note of your Availability Zone (mine is us-east-1c), take note of Attachment Info mine has /dev/sda1

4. right click it and Create Snapshot. you will see the newly created snapshot under Snapshots

Restoring snapshot or restore point:

1. go to Instances on you left pane.
2. click your instance,
3. right click Stop instance. wait for it to fully stop.
4. go to Snapshots
5. right click and select Create Volume. You can just select standard for Type and the Availability Zone should match the one above. on my case us-east-1c.
6. go to Volumes and you will see the new volume coming from you snapshot.
7. find the current volume your instance is attached too and right click select Detach Volume (you cannot detach volume if instance is running)
8. wait until detach is complete. right click new volume select Attache Volume.
9. select Instance from drop down. Device should be /dev/sda1 on my case as above.
10. click Attach.
11. go back to Instance and start instance.
12. public ip and dns will change when you do this. so change your putty settings to work.


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