HTC Evo 3D Virgin Mobile review

Posted: January 2, 2013 in blog

I was with sprint for 3 years and decided to go with virgin mobile last year to reduce monthly cost. Was spending around $80 on sprint, with virgin only cost me $35.

If you are a normal user (check email, call, text, navi, and surf the internet 1-2 hrs a day) on your phone, then switching to virgin would sure save you money. Its a win win situation.

For $35 a month you will have unlimited text, data but limited to calls for a number of minutes (300 not sure though) per month. So just monitor your calls or only call if needed, otherwise text or email. Internet speed is descent enough and is unlimited.

Just last week I decided to dump my old Motorola Triuph to this 1.2 dual core processor bad boy. I was able to get $100 off on their website for only $140 – sweet!.

One week past and the phone blasing fast compared to the Triumph. It performs the same as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G (my last phone from Sprint). Liked the big resolution, HTC sense UI (the weather animations, clock, lock screen, and its slick), for me way better than Samsung. Not a fan on 3D so only used it once. Internet surfing way better than Triumph.

All in all Im a happy I got this phone and will keep this until Virgin Mobile will have Samsung Note 2 on their line up 🙂 For $35 a month, dual core, htc sense, ICS, unlimited data that is heck of a deal.

Below is my home screen (captured this by press hold power button then tap home).



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