primefaces validation multiple dialog

Posted: June 1, 2012 in web
		<h:form id="em3">
			<p:button value="emas" onclick="" />
			<p:button value="emas2" onclick="" />

			<p:dialog widgetVar="emas" modal="true">
				<h:form id="em1">
					<p:messages id="memas" />
						src="modify-form.xhtml" />
					<p:commandButton update="memas" process="em1" value="sdf" />
			<p:dialog widgetVar="emas2" modal="true">
				<h:form id="em2">
					<p:messages id="memas2" />
						src="modify-form.xhtml" />
					<p:commandButton update="memas2" value="sdf" process="em2" />

Each dialog will need to process its own form process=”em1″ and update its own message element update=”memas” for dialog one.


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