Inserting list item Sharepoint 2010 using listdata.svc REST on ASP .net

Posted: February 3, 2012 in web

on postback. be sure to update your reference if you want to add/edit sp list under App_WebReference

tmpDataContext tmpContext = new tmpDataContext(new Uri(""));
  tmpContext.Credentials = GetNetworkCredential(); //user method
        string Name = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["PersonName"];
        string ItemType = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["ctype"];
        string Comments = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["cComments"];
        string lat = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["lat"];
        string lng = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["lng"];
        string location = HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["enterlocation"];

        if(HttpContext.Current.Request.Form["selectlocation"] == "current")
             location =  "" + lat + "," + lng;

            new FeedbackItem
                Title = Name,
                ItemType = ItemType,
                Comments = Comments,
                Location = location

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